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Integrity Software Inc. Network systems Engineer
SofTrack Support Division

Lead engineer for the technical team that provided assistance on network configuration and software setup to a world-wide user base. Created and Maintained technical manuals and setup guides and systems for the SofTrack software package.

Dell Computer Corporation Senior Systems Engineer
Dell Online / Shared Operations

Responsible for sustaining, repairing and expanding the servers for DELL.COM, a 50 million dollar a day Enterprise Class web/e-commerce system. Responsibilities include working in a team environment to provide total support for all facets of the system.

Texas Information Services - President/Senior System Engineer
Austin Independent School District - Network Analyst
1996 to 2000 (Concurrently)

Established network installation, training and consultation shop. Responsible for developing ground breaking network system for Travis and Stephen F. Austin High Schools
  Texas Information Services
Linux Austin Training
Austin ISD Network
Graner Associates
Graner Sound
The Commodore KIM-1 Web Site
Team ROBOCIDE website
Liberty Lunch Homepage
The Toby Beau Band
Graner Family Page

Austin Business Machines - Customer Service Engineer
Graner Sound Multimedia Studios - Producer/Sound Engineer
1993 to 1995 (Concurrently)

"Raised the Bar" for future Customer Support levels, did live and studio production for major musical acts.

Commodore Business Machines - Regional Product Representative
Emerald Airlines - Network Administrator
1987 to 1993 (Concurrently)

Primary Tech support for the Commodore Amiga computer for the entire United States, Designed and installed innovative computer based solutions to real world problems.

Atari Systems Inc. - Cyberamic Technician (R&D)
Ilusion (Rock Band)- Lead Vocals, Band Manager
1983 to 1986 (Concurrently)

Designed and tested new routines and hardware modifications, repaired/upgraded computer video games, performed all over South Texas with one of the most popular variety dance bands in town.





2004 International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers proudly recognizes Vernon Graner For the Successful Completion of the IAITAM Certified Software Asset Management Exam.

Alan Plastow

2003 "I just wanted to thank you for the excellent support [Vern Graner has] provided me and Travis down here at HDS" "this has been the best support [from] any company we have worked with by far

Laine Kohama
Operations Specialist
Hawaii Dental Service

2002 "Vern Graner was, and still is, a tremendous help during [our deployment] process" "[Vern] not only makes sure problems are addressed and solved, but takes the time to explain theory"

Mike Szalkowski
Development Supervisor
Middough Associates Inc.

2001 "I just want to convey my appreciation and gratitude for Vernon Graner." "Our success today was due in a great part to Vernon's excellent customer service".

Quyen Ly
Technology Developement Group
Dell Computer Corporation

2000 "Mr. Graner has certainly been the prime architect and reason that our system works as well as it does today." "On numerous occasions, Vernon has gone the 'extra mile' to insure smooth operation of software and hardware".

Walter Lenoir
Computer Science Dept

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2000 "Vernon has exhibited a high level of professionalism (and) superior knowledge" "he has been of great assistance to Nucentrix Internet Services providing invaluable diagnostics and feedback" "(his) work (is) nothing short of incredible."

Jim Wehmeier
Regional Sales Manager

1999 TPI Achievement Award 1998 "I want to recognize the significant commitment of time and effort that Vern Graner has invested in getting our (network) up" "it would not be possible without (his) untiring effort"

John Blazier
President, Travis Foundation

1995 Novell Certified Netware Engineer Certificate 1995 Novell Certified Netware Administrator Certificate
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1995 Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows 95 Support 1995 "Mr. Graner is able to resolve complex technical problems in an efficient and skillful manner" "He is a real asset to your organization"

Elyse Chance,
Lan Manager, Mithoff & Jacks, LLP

1994 "(Vernon) helped me over the phone and solved my problem, something Zenith Service never seemed to have the time to do" "Your business has a fine asset in Vernon"

Bruce Hobbs,
Prudential Insurance, Austin

1994 "Vernon Graner of Austin Business Machines sat alongside KHS personnel as a 'Technical Fire Extinguisher' to correct any problems with the new ID cards"

Killeen Daily Herald, Page 1

1993 "In recognition for all the support given to the Amiga community of Austin, Texas"

Steve Farmer
President CTACS

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1993 "I can honestly state that your expertise, knowledge of the product, communicative skills, analytical ability, logical approach to problem solving and commitment to excellence are among the best I've encountered"

Wayne Dasher,
HISD, Harrdeeville SC

1992 "Your help has enabled me to complete a complex video project incorporating 3D animation and graphics, the likes of which we at MISD have not been previously able to do"

David Franzina,
Producer Directory KHS-78 Instructional Television

1991 "I don't think I need to impress upon you your contribution to the Amiga booth sponsored by CTACS" "We feel indebted, we owe you a big favor"

George Wyche,
President, Central Texas Amiga Computer Society

1990 "Mr. Graner demonstrated his ingenuity and expertise" "I want to commend you on the hiring of an energetic, knowledgeable and personable employee."

Bill Grahm,
Merit Software

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